Local: St. Paul, Minneapolis consultants, please step forward.

November 15, 1998
To: GNU/Linux Consultants
Fr: Lyno Sullivan
Re: GNU/Linux Consulting, St. Paul, MN

Pursuant to my “Free MN Initiative” , I want to collect a list
of GNU/Linux professionals who could be available for consulting
opportunities in St. Paul, Minnesota. Please forward this
invitation to your GNU/Linux friends.

This request is an unpaid, volunteer initiative of mine. I
neither make nor imply any warranty. I do not represent Minnesota
State Government in this matter.

My intent is to identify people available for consulting. If you
are a State of MN employee, please say so. That will probably mean
that you are interested in being available on an inter-agency loan,
rather than as a paid consultant through the Prime Contractors. If
you are available on a volunteer basis to assist with projects,
please say so.

The Prime Contractors sometimes pay finders fees. I am
designating that all my finders fees be paid as a 501(c)(3) charity
donation to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place –
Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111, USA.

The last section of this document explains my goals, in more


Please email me with a brief resume.

I will create a web page with everyone’s brief resume. I will
include a copyright notice placing the collective work under the
LGPL. Sorry for this inconvenience but FreeDomain.org is pure
copyleft. I use the LGPL for the Prime Contractors sake. Therefore,
you MUST place your information under either the GPL or LGPL.

information may be posted at FreeDomain.org. Information not
otherwise designated is assumed to be and under the LGPL.

information will be made available to the State of Minnesota and
its Prime Contractor vendors.

information will be disclosed to the State upon request for
additional information. It will also be disclosed to the Prime
Contractors, upon request of the State.

This means if you do not want your resume posted on the web, you
could simply mark it as .

If you do not have a web address for your resume, you may also
send me a second email with your full resume and I will place it at
my web-site, provided you affix a GPL or LGPL copyright notice (see
my signature for an acceptable form).


GNU/Linux Resume, November 14, 1998
Lyno Sullivan , Stillwater, MN
Phone 651-430-0507
206 S. 5th. St., Stillwater, MN 55082-4917
Full Resume: http://www.freedomain.org/u/lls/resume.html

I have spent 40 hours installing and using Debian GNU/Linux. I
know how to spell SMTP, HTML and GCC. I know the “G” in GNU is
spoken (guh-new). I am well known for not having created any free
software. I have spent over 2,000 hours trying to understand free
software licensing, advocating for the application of free software
to government, and advocating for universal secure email within the
mn.us hierarchy. I am interested in volunteer team assignments and
in paid assignments.

Copyright(c) 1998 Lyno Sullivan; this work is free and may be
copied, modified and distributed under the GNU Library General
Public License (LGPL) and it comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY;



“Free MN Initiative”
This recommends that the MN State Legislature cease funding the
usage and creation of non-free software. I will request this ban
immediately for server operating system software. I will wait for
GNOME before recommending the same for the desktop. This article
has been delivered to 200 senior managers within State Government
and to the Information Policy Council (IPC) . I will request
legislative hearings in Spring, 1999.

“Minnesota State, Public Email Policy”
I want the State to install a GNU/Linux email backbone within
government. Then I want them to extend a secure mn.us email
backbone to all citizens of the state.

“The Application of Free Software to Teams in Government”
I want the State to experiment with the application of free
software to its internal business. Then I want them to create many
public input email addresses and listserv discussion groups
throughout state government.

“Local Community Digital Network (LCDN): Features and
I want the State to assist the local communities.

“Lyno Sullivan, Collected Writings”
There are other aspects of the Free MN Initiative among my other

Copyright(c) 1998 Lyno Sullivan; this work is free and may be
copied, modified and distributed under the GNU Library General
Public License (LGPL) and it comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY;

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