Low Cost LinTerms or LinStations

Richard Raab writes:

We are designing a $200-300 Linux N.C. and are looking for input
on its design as well as trying to judge the market for such a

Currently, we are looking at four questions.

  1. What should be in the system i.e. what hardware specs? Keep in
    mind these are designed to be inexpensive.
  2. How and What would you use this for?
  3. What would you spend for this system?
  4. How many would you or your organization buy?

Bear in mind that we are already dealing with a major board
manufacturer and are simply trying to get more input. We are
currently looking at a system with the following:

  • 266 or 300 MHz MMX
  • SVGA
  • 16b Audio
  • 2 100/10 Ethernet (the first is normal, the second is
    envisioned to be used for swap or beowulf)
  • 64M SDRAM up to 512M
  • 8M Flash Ram

We are targeting all markets, including X-Terms, Education,
SOHO, and anybody who wishes to lower the TCO of networked

Here is your chance for input on what we hope will be the lowest
cost system available and help push Linux onto the desktop.

Thanks James