LPI: Completion of Level 1 Exams

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Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 16:32:57 -0500 (CDT)
From: [email protected]
To: LPI Discuss List [email protected]
Subject: Completion of Level 1 Exams 

I'm pleased to report that both of our Level 1 exams are now complete and
are in the process of being published as live, interactively-scored exams,
through VUE.

Score reports for candidates who took the 102 exam between April and
mid-August were mailed out this week. Those who take 102 between now and
when it is republished will receive score reports by mail when we do a
supplemental batch in early October. (Score reports for candidates who
took 101 after mid-June will be mailed around the same time.)

The 101 exam is scheduled to be republished and made available through VUE
on October 4. The 102 republish will be made available on October 9. Both
republished exams will be considered "live", non-beta exams, and candidates
who take these exams will receive an instant score report. 

Candidates who pass both 101 and 102 will automatically be granted LPI's
first level certificate.

Thanks are due to the many individuals and organizations who helped make
this possible. This include the volunteers who helped out in such ways as
contributing to the discussion of program content, responding to the job
analysis survey, participating in the discussion of exam objectives,  
and writing and reviewing test questions. We also greatly appreciate the
financial support from our sponsors.

Our project has had more than a few milestones, but I think this qualifies
as our most significant accomplishment to date.

Scott Murray, Director of Exam Development                 [email protected]
Linux Professional Institute, Inc.  +1 501 954 7909   http://www.lpi.org
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