LWN: The end of Red Hat’s silent period

Red Hat Software’s SEC-mandated silent period ended
September 6. They are now able, once again, to talk about what they
are up to. LWN talked for a few minutes with Donnie Barnes about
where Red Hat is going in the near future.

“We asked whether they felt that 6.1 had been too long in
coming, given that there are now more than 140MB of updates for
6.0. Donnie tells us that Red Hat feels “very comfortable” with the
current release frequency. Most of the updates are not needed for
most users, so the sheer bulk of them is not as bad as it may seem.
There appear to be no plans to make more frequent releases in the

“Regarding Linux-Mandrake and other “value-added” distributions:
Red Hat claims to be quite happy to see these distributions out
there and successful. Their purpose is to “grow the open source pie
as a whole,” and the value-added distributions are a part of that.
Red Hat is able to incorporate enhancements from distributions like
Linux-Mandrake when it is worthwhile. They have, for example, taken
some of the work that MandrakeSoft put into their KDE setup and
folded it into Red Hat.”