MachineOfTheMonth: Backing up stuff

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“It’s important to be able to have a reliable and easy way to
back up your sensitive data. In this article I’ll talk about ways
to back it up and ways to archive it.”

“Here is a shell script that backs up data on your
computer’s hard drive.
… Putting the script in your crontab
is fairly simple. …then as root, you have to run the crontab
command on that file as follows: crontab rcron assuming rcron is
the name of the above file. What will then happen is each day, the
backup script will be run at 12:25pm and the tar file will appear
on your hard drive per the script.”

“The basic modification would be to let the user decide when to
do incremental or full backups. Because in the original version of
the script, it does assume you will run the backup script everyday.
If you don’t, and miss a sunday, god help us all, you might not be
able to recover from a hard drive crash. The reason for that is it
writes over daily backups from the last week. So the last full
backup is important to have and that falls on sundays or firsts of
months or both.”

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