Mad Penguin: First Look At Yellowtab’s Zeta 1.0

[ Thanks to silentbob4 for this link.

“It doesn’t take long living in this world to learn that bad
things happen to good people. It takes even less time in the
computer industry to learn that when someone puts out an
innovative, great, well-developed product it has about a 15% chance
of survival. This brings us to BeOS, one of the pinnacle examples
of something really good that died far before it should have.
However, it is not quite dead yet. BeOS has continued to captivate
a large and devoted community. The Haiku project is working on an
Open Source version of the OS and now out of Germany comes
Yellowtab’s Zeta, a continuation of an unreleased development
version of BeOS code-named ‘Dano.’ Is Zeta worth the price? Will
Yellowtab raise BeOS from the ashes and inflame public interest in
the OS? Read on…”