Mad Penguin: The Pepper Pad: Open Alternative to Microsoft’s Origami

[ Thanks to SilentBob4 for this link.

“Once again, Tux has beat the Borg to the punch with a new
innovation. This time, it’s the Pepper Pad, an ultra-mobile
computer designed primarily for video playback and Internet access
under circumstances where most notebook computers would be too
heavy, and most PDAs would have too small a viewing screen. If you
have seen the Origami media blitz (who hasn’t!!) and you want a
truly open ultra-mobile computer NOW and don’t want to wait for
Origami, you probably will like the Linux-powered Pepper Pad.

“The Pepper Pad, like Origami, is a mid-point form factor PC
that is bigger and more powerful than a PDA, but smaller and less
optimized for traditional desktop PC tasks than a notebook computer
or a desktop PC…”


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