MAME 0.191 Open-Source Emulator Enhances Support for Many of SEGA’s Retro Games

MAME 0.191 is now available as the latest and greatest release of the open-source emulator for playing retro games on modern computers. It with lots of goodies, starting with an experimental Hitachi SH3 recompiler to improve emulation support for Cave CV-1000 systems, though it also lays the groundwork for additional performance improvements for SH4-based platforms, such as Sega NAOMI. Moreover, MAME 0.191 improves Saturn/ST-V emulation so you can enjoy all those excellent SEGA titles from the ???90s, adds optimizations and improvements to Voodoo and MIPS3 emulation, as well as the Gamate emulation, which was ultimately rewritten. The Tatung Einstein, NEC PC-Engine console, M6809 CPU also received improvements in this new MAME release.