Manage Your MySQL Database with Rails’ Migrations

“Over the past ten years, I’ve created and managed perhaps
hundreds of MySQL databases, and in the process have used all
manner of tools for facilitating the process. Among my stable of
preferred tools include PHPMyAdmin, a web-based table and data
manager, and even the MySQL client, a command-line interface that
helps you get the job done quickly and with minimum distraction.
Yet I’m a programmer at heart, and not a database administrator,
and accordingly I’ve always thought there was an unnatural
disconnect between code and database management. Why can’t database
structures be managed much in the same way as code, programatically
and using revision control? Why must multiple development tools be
used for a single application? This luxury has never really been
possible–that is, until I started using Rails. Rails’ migrations
feature was expressly built for this purpose, turning my disdain
for database management into pure delight…”