Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter–Issue #66

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           Issue #66    Thursday,  31 October 2002

Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to 
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.


This Week's Summary: What's Cookin' at MandrakeSoft?; 9.0 Documentation 
Now Online; MandrakeClub Transgaming Discounts; Mandrake in the News; 
Spotlight on the OpenRouter Project; Website Watch; Mandrake Linux 
Users Survey; Software Updates; Headlines from MandrakeForum

What's Cookin' at MandrakeSoft?
MandrakeSoft PPC developer Stew Benedict gives Mac users a look at how 
PPC Cooker is shaping up by releasing a special 
'Installer ISO' image. This is a great opportunity to take an early 
peek at KDE 3.1 Beta2, XFree 4.2.1, Gimp 1.2.3, Koffice 1.2, and many 

Check out this article at MandrakeForum for instructions on how
to install PPC Cooker, plus enjoy some screenshots of the KDE 3.1 Beta2


Cooker now has a whopping 71 modules for the Apache2 webserver.
Oden Eriksson has been cookin' up a storm and now counts 71 modules for 
Apache2 v2.0.43. The modules are built on the latest Mandrake Linux 
9.0/Cooker and can be found in binary and source RPM format at your 
favorite official Mandrake mirror.

Check the Modules For Apache2 status page to see what's available.

9.0 Documentation Online
The official documentation for Mandrake Linux 9.0 is now available to 
download in HTML and PDF format, or your can read it directly on the 
website. The improved & expanded 9.0 documentation now includes the 
following guides:

 * Quick Startup Guide -- The basics of installing 9.0
 * Starter Manual -- A comprehensive look at the installer plus Linux
 * Everyday Applications -- Learn how to use Internet, Office, and
   Multimedia applications
 * Command Line Manual -- Tame the power of the terminal
 * Server Configuration Guide -- If you'd like to use your Mandrake
   system as a server, this guide is for you

Thanks to a special agreement with Transgaming, MandrakeClub is happy 
to offer steep discounts to Club members on three great games:

 * Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns - The Original
 * Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns - Special Awards Edition
 * Kohan: Ahriman's Gift

Learn all the details from this MandrakeClub article.
Then get in on the action and receive your discount today.

Not yet a Mandrake Club member? To learn more, please visit:

Mandrake in the News
ExtremeTech.com -- A Summary of Desktop Linux Reviews.
ExtremeTech's weekly roundup gives the nod to Mandrake Linux 9.0 for "Top 
Distribution" with a 9 out of 10 rating.

"Very easy to set up and use by the novice, yet extremely capable and 
extensible for the experienced user. Mandrake has developed very good 
"Drak" wizards for all major functions (especially diskdrake, the disk 
partitioning tool) and has organized them well in their Control Center. 
Mandrake offers documentation on their CDs, in their boxed sets, and on 
their Web pages, plus an online Mandrake Campus and Mandrake Experts 
that complement the easy set up and allow most users to ease into the 
Linux experience."

Spotlight on OpenRouter: An Open Source Router/Firewall
One of the many Open Source projects that MandrakeSoft proudly 
participates in is the "OpenRouter" project. OpenRouter's goal is to 
develop a high-performance and user-friendly router/firewall and 
wireless access point based on open hardware specifications and Open 
Source software.

The OpenRouter project is being jointly developed by:
inAccess Networks, MandrakeSoft, CSEM, and ArchiMedia.

Website Watch
Several interesting Mandrake tutorials/HowTo's have been located on the 

Burning CDs with Mandrake 9.0 & Eroaster.
Learn how to create:
 * Audio CDs
 * Data CDs
 * Burn ISO images

Syncing the Sharp Zaurus in Mandrake Linux 9.0.
MandrakeSoft employee Todd Lyons describes how to configure Mandrake 
9.0 to synchronize with a Sharp Zaurus (model 5500) via the USB cradle 
and Qtopia Desktop software.

This ZDNet tutorial by Stew Benedict describes how to create user 
interfaces with MandrakeSoft's 'libDrakx':
"One of the most useful drak tools is libDrakx, which is the Mandrake 
add-on to perl-GTK. Part of the drakxtools-newt package, libDrakx 
offers some custom commands and behaves correctly in console or X. 
[...] I will walk you through how you can use libDrakx to create your 
own user interfaces."

Mandrake Linux Users Survey
To help determine the special needs of Mandrake Linux users, 
MandrakeSoft's Marketing team is conducting a brief survey that 
requires your assistance.

Please help us improve our products by taking two minutes out of your 
busy day to answer this brief questionnaire.

Software Updates
9.0 software updates have been released for:

mod_ssl -- fixes cross-site scripting vulnerability
kdegraphics -- fixes command execution vulnerabilities
tetex -- fix command execution vulnerabilities

View the complete list at MandrakeSecure.net.

Headlines from MandrakeForum
Tip: Intrusion Detection System with Mandrake Linux and Snort.
'FN-Eagle' describes how to protect systems and networks that are 
connected to the Internet by installing the Snort Intrusion Detection 

ML 9.0 Troubleshooting: When localhost goes wild.
'vforge37' writes: "I found a solution to the problem some people were 
having with CUPS and DHCP. There were several threads on a.o.l.mandrake 
newsgroup and also on the Mandrake Forum story about USB trouble in MDK 

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum.

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