Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter — Issue #68

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             Issue #68,  Thursday, 14 November 2002

Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to 
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.


In this issue:

 * Top Story: 9.0 Packs are Shipping
 * What's Cookin' at MandrakeSoft: Advanced Extranet Server
 * MandrakeClub: Multilingual Forums
 * Business Case of the Week: Alpha Informatique Réunion
 * Website Watch: Three new Mandrake-related websites
 * Software Updates: perl-MailTools, nss_ldap, printer-drivers
 * Headlines from MandrakeForum

Top Story
9.0 Packs are shipping.
The Mandrake Linux 9.0 Packs began shipping last week from 
MandrakeStore. If you pre-ordered a 9.0 Pack, it should soon be in your 
mailbox if it hasn't arrived already. If you haven't yet placed an 
order, stop by MandrakeStore today and purchase an official ProSuite, 
PowerPack, or Standard Edition.

Remember, ordering a Pack at MandrakeStore is an excellent way to boost 
Mandrake Linux development and support your favorite distribution.

See MandrakeStore for product details.

What's Cookin' at MandrakeSoft
More than 100,000 Advanced Extranet servers!
Deno checked out the latest Netcraft survey and noticed that 
MandrakeSoft's "Advanced Extranet Server" (an optimized version of the 
Apache webserver) continues to grow at an astonishing rate. While the 
overall number of web servers on the Internet is declining, the number 
of Advanced Extranet servers grew by 140% between October 2001 and 
October 2002.

Jean-Michel Dault, the chief developer of ADVX, reports that his work 
schedule has been cleared so that he can focus entirely on ADVX -- so 
plan on seeing much more development action soon. He also adds that 
more people are needed to test Java support.

For all the latest ADVX news and updates, plus community and support 
lists, stop by the project website.

MandrakeClub Forums.
As you may (or may not) know, MandrakeClub hosts a series of forums 
that are enjoying growing popularity. Participate in discussions such 
as: the Future direction of MandrakeClub; RPM requests & testing; 
Troubleshooting for the PC and PPC distributions; and a "Third party" 
category for discussing Club discounts on third-party products.

Plus, great news for everyone who isn't a native English speaker: the 
MandrakeClub forums are now multilingual. Post comments in your native 
language and anyone who understands the language can join the 

Finally, "last call" for those who want to take advantage of 
MandrakeClub's special discount on Transgaming WineX and Kohan games:
Kohan - Immortal Sovereigns; Kohan - Ahriman's Gift; and Kohan - 
Special Awards Edition; plus one free month of Transgaming membership. 
Offer expires November 16th.

Not yet a Mandrake Club member? To learn more, please visit:

Business Case of the Week
At Alpha Informatique Réunion, everybody is enthusiastic and impressed.
Soon after Philippe Amiot began his new job at Alpha Informatique 
Réunion, the company chose Mandrake Linux for firewalling, backup 
server, LAN manager, email, web (apache+php), database (mysql), DNS, 
DHCP... the works! He proudly reports that everyone "is enthusiastic 
and impressed with the power of the [latest] Mandrake Linux."

What's your experience with Mandrake Linux in the workplace? Submit a 
BizCase and share your story with others.

Website Watch
Several interesting Mandrake-related websites have been recently 
spotted, including:

Desktop Mandrake -- Bringing Mandrake Linux to a desktop near you.
Australia's Matthew Hoare puts a lot of energy in his website to show 
the world how he progressed from using Linux as a novelty to using it 
productively. Many nice Linux tutorials are available on topics such as 
CD Burning; StarCraft and Quake III Arena; Setting Up The Office; 
nVidia Drivers, plus lots more. Nice job Matthew.

MDKXP -- The Mandrake eXPerience.
If you're looking for easy-to-read tutorials on many Mandrake-related 
topics, 'The Mandrake eXPerience' is a great place to look. Dana offers 
over 30 different "quickies" to help make your desktop experience more 
fun and productive.

trylinuxSD.com -- Browsing the Web with Mozilla in Mandrake 9.0.
This new graphical tutorial offers 44 pages to help you get started 
with the Mozilla web browser, including:
    * Customizing Mozilla's preferences
    * Working with tabs
    * Applying themes
    * Using Acrobat Reader, FlashPlayer, RealPlayer, Shoutcast

Software Updates
9.0 software updates have been released for:

 * perl-MailTools -- fixes arbitrary command execution vulnerabilities
 * nss_ldap -- fixes buffer and format string vulnerabilities
 * printer-drivers -- fixes ghostscript cups driver omission

View the complete list at MandrakeSecure.net.

Headlines from MandrakeForum
3D Gaming in Madrake 9.0.
'kwkride' is ready to upgrade his video card and asks what people 
recommend for Linux gaming.

Connecting from Linux to WindowsXP with Rdesktop.
'ASchiano' raises the topic of obtaining a remote Windows desktop 
connection from Linux.

Few tips for MDK9.0
'Anonymous' posts a link to some "quick hacks" for improving fonts, 
installing Nvidia drivers, plus tutorials on installing Photopaint 9 
and Ogle.

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum.

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