MandrakeForum.com: Review of WalMart’s Mandrake/Microtel PC

[ Thanks to Phil
for this link. ]

“It has been widely reported that WalMart.com offers a line of
reasonably-priced Microtel PCs that are pre-loaded with Mandrake
Linux 8.2. The systems range from a 900 MHz Duron up to a 2.0 GHz
Pentium 4. Being on a strict budget, I ordered the ‘low-end’ 900
MHz Duron…

“The system includes keyboard, speakers, network card, modem,
etc… basically everything but a monitor. Also included is the
printed Mandrake 8.2 Installation & User Guide, 4 CDs
(Installation CD 1 & 2, plus Commercial Applications CD 1 &
2), a motherboard manual, and a small flyer that describes how to
setup the system…

“This was my first experience with an OEM version so I was
pleasantly surprised to learn that even though the system was
pre-installed at the factory, a customized version of the Mandrake
installer is used to configure any devices on the new machine. I
was able to configure the mouse, set a root password, add users,
select a user for ‘auto-login’, configure networking (Ethernet, not
modem), change the timezone, setup a printer, configure the
display, and install software updates…”


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