MandrakeSoft: Mandrake Linux 9.0 Beta 1 Appears

[ Thanks to Kadjo
for this link. ]

“Given the choice of enjoying the summer in the beautiful south
of California or working on the Mandrake Linux distribution, the
twisted MandrakeSoft developers chose to stick around and present
Mandrake Linux 9.0 Beta 1.

“As with any Beta, this one is probably loaded with nasty bugs
which may cause serious problems on production systems. Betas are
only suitable for installation on test systems — you’ve been

“A ‘feature freeze’ will happen soon, so for anyone willing to
put down their bottle of suntan lotion long enough to download
& test the new Beta, you will enjoy:

New desktops:

“KDE 3.0.2 and GNOME 2.0 with

  • new icons on the KDE desktop
  • new user images
  • new wallpaper…”


Download Mandrake
9.0 Beta 1

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