Mandriva… Not Just for Classmates

[ Thanks to Adam
for this link. ]

“As I’ve been poking around with Mandriva Linux for the last
week or so (preparing to install it on a Classmate and researching
prior to my interview with François Bancilhon), I’ve been
impressed with it’s apparent ease of use, quick installs, and
out-of-the-box feature set. When a student came to me at the
beginning of the week with an unlicensed, expiring Vista
installation and asked me what to do, I tossed him an Ubuntu CD and
sent him on his way. Unfortunately, Ubuntu didn’t pick up his
Atheros wireless chipset and his eyes glazed over when I started
talking about NDISwrapper. Since he had nothing to lose except a
bit of classtime with me, I burned him a copy of Mandriva 2008.
Half an hour later, he was up and running, the wireless functional
without any intervention…”