Mark Shuttleworth talks Narwhals

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“On the Enterprise front, the biggest changes have been in cloud
computing and virtualisation. We were the lead distribution to
adopt KVM, and that’s now become an industry standard in Linux.
Ubuntu has taken off on EC2 and Rackspace public clouds, where
people are doing amazing innovation, and we’ve added some features
just for cloud deployments that make it easier to keep your
infrastructure in the cloud up to date and manageable. We also
shipped the only free and open cloud infrastructure, which lets you
create your own cloud with a few servers and the standard Ubuntu
Server CD. On the desktop front, we introduced Unity, the brand new
desktop experience that is designed and tested for usability and
efficiency. We will make that our default desktop in 11.04 this
April, and we have an implementation both for high-end computers
with OpenGL and for low-end computers where memory and graphics are
less advanced, in Qt. By 12.04 LTS, that will be the only desktop
experience in Ubuntu. We added support for touch and gestures,
which is unique to Ubuntu, based on uTouch from Canonical.”

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