Martin Brooks: Running Linux?

[ Thanks to Martin Brooks for this
link. ]

As well all know, Linux is now becoming a commercially
viable and therefore a commercially acceptable OS. This is great
for the smaller businesses whose smaller infrastructure and
decision-making processes are generally flatter and easier to
navigate – less office politics in other words. But what about the
bigger corporates out there?
What about the poor Systems
Administrators who spend their working lives rebooting NT Servers
who know that Linux would do the job better and be more stable but
don?t have the political might to make such a miraculous transition

“This could be the guide for you. In one of my previous
positions, I was the Internet Administrator for a law firm who, at
the time, had around 500 employees. The were largely Internet
newbies with an antiquated e-mail system based on Banyan Vines and
an Internet pipe smaller than the one my Grandad used too smoke.
Within 6 months of me taking over, they were using Linux to run
their new fast Internet link and they loved it. Here’s a few
pointers on how you can make your company make the switch.”

  1. “Hardware…
  2. The Linux Distribution…
  3. The Packages…
  4. The Reports…
  5. Stability…”