Maverick Meerkat’s Personal Cloud for Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows

“Ubuntu One already has 500,000 users, has native Windows,
Android, and iPhone clients, offers an improved Software Center,
and claims 12 million users.

“The Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Linux distribution is set to
debut on Sunday (fittingly: 10/10/10), and with it will come a
renewed vision for the idea of the personal cloud.

“In contrast to the public cloud, where applications are served,
the personal cloud is all about user data, content and
synchronization. With Ubuntu 10.10, the Maverick Linux distribution
will also take aim at improving the way users view their desktops
and acquire new software.

“For Canonical, Ubuntu’s lead commercial sponsor, both the
personal cloud and software acquisition improvements could also
lead to new revenue opportunities.

“”The personal cloud is this idea that the operating system,
from the consumer perspective, is a window to Internet services,”
Steve George, Canonical’s vice president of business development,
told InternetNews.com. “So we need to make sure that Ubuntu is very
interactive with the Internet and the services we build for Ubuntu
users pull that capability in. A lot of the things around Ubuntu
One show how we’re trying to build those things overall.”