Meet Flint OS, a Chromium OS Fork for Raspberry Pi & PCs That Runs Android Apps

These days, we see more and more developers and entrepreneurs launching new operating systems based on Chromium OS, which Google uses with much success for its Chrome OS on many Chromebooks that you can purchase today. But Flint OS is somehow a bit special, not only because it provides support for both Raspberry Pi SBCs and x86 computers with either Intel or Nvidia GPUs, but because it uses Android apps. The Flint OS team describe their brand-new operating system as booting very fast on your powerful x86 full-fledged laptops, offering users an OS with a simple, yet modern design that’s user-friendly and familiar if they’ve used a Chromebook before. Flint OS is powered by a custom tweaked Linux 4.4 kernel and the latest Chromium OS builds.