Meet Open Source Server Messaging Needs With GroupServer

“GroupServer is an open-source (GPL) mailing-list manager that
doubles as a forum/bulletin board. Email posts are mirrored on the
web, and vice versa — in other words, it’s more than an

“It’s a neat idea, and you can check out the user interface via
OnlineGroups.Net, which provides free public GroupServer groups.
Setting up and using a group was easy, and the server software is
fast. It also does clever things like hiding included text at the
end of an email (you can click to unhide). One security criticism:
My password was shown in plaintext when I first set it.

“You can also download and run the software yourself. According
to the web site, it runs on CentOS and Ubuntu; unfortunately, I
encountered problems with Zope versions and apparently blocked web
sites when installing on Ubuntu.”

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