Metro Extreme 3D – Early Access Release for 3DLabs Glint Chip

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – January 21, 1999:
Metro Link proudly announces the early access release of Metro
Extreme 3D for graphics cards using a single 3DLabs GLINT 500MX
chip on a Linux/x86 operating system (glibc or libc5). Metro
Extreme 3D is an SGI-compliant port of OpenGL which provides 3D
hardware acceleration on specific cards.

This early access release, as well as the upcoming official
release of Metro Extreme 3D, will be a free upgrade for all
existing customers with a valid Metro OpenGL license. In addition,
anyone who purchases Metro OpenGL will automatically get the
official version of Metro Extreme 3D when it is released. Contact
sales@metrolink.com to get
your free upgrade or to purchase a new license.

Metro Link has created two newsgroups for discussion of this
product and its subsequent releases. The public newsgroup is for
customers and potential customers who want to stay informed of
product development. The other newsgroup is private, for
interaction with customers actually using the early access release
of Metro Extreme 3D.

To join the public newsgroup, point your news reader to
news.metrolink.com and look for metrolink.me3d.

To join the private newsgroup, contact sales@metrolink.com to
verify your original purchase of Metro OpenGL and to receive a
login and password required for participation in this group.

Metro Link’s goal is to provide the highest performance and most
robust software to the Linux/UNIX community. Metro Link provides
mission critical X Window System and related software for many
Linux/UNIX platforms. Our software has been proven in the Boeing
777, the Space Shuttle, the 767 AWACS, the Crusader Self-Propelled
Howitzer, the Army Land Warrior and many other applications which
demand high reliability.

Metro Link Incorporated
4711 Powerline Road
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
(954) 938-0283 ext 1
(954) 938-1982 FAX


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