MGON.com: Linux with Loki [Interview with Scott Draeker]

“MGON: John Carmack recently commented that sales of Linux Q3
had not been high as he had thought. How are Sales of Loki titles
are going?”

“Scott: We’re a privately-owned company, so don’t discuss sales
figures. With regard to Quake and Carmack’s comments, we would
point out that there are a significant number of users playing the
Linux version, but most of them bought the Windows version.”

“To continue our sales growth, we’re working hard to flesh out
our distribution channels in the States and overseas. And we plan
to offer more titles in the future that are released soon after (or
simultaneously with) the Windows versions, so that our customers
can choose to support Linux without losing valuable gaming time.
We’re currently working on three games that are still in
development for Windows — Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, Deus Ex, and
Tribes 2.”

“MGON: When porting the titles, Are Loki biased towards any
particular Distribution of Linux?”

“Scott: We spend a significant amount of development time
ensuring that our games work properly with all major

We are starting to see problems with new versions of the
distributions coming out this fall. At this stage our
recommendation would be that whatever you are using is fine, but
you might want to hold off on upgrading….

“MGON: Are there any other alternative OS’s that loki will
consider developing for, or see as viable for use as a games

“Scott: We are now working with the FreeBSD folks to make sure
their Linux compatibility libraries support our games. Nearly all
of our products are now compatible with FreeBSD.”

“We also offer PPC versions of several of our games (including
Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition and Heroes of Might and Magic),
Alpha versions of Civilization: Call to Power and Eric’s Ultimate
Solitaire, and a Sparc version of Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire.”


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