Microsoft Contributes Biology Project to Open Source

“The Outercurve Foundation announced its acceptance of the .Net
Bio project into the foundation’s Research Accelerators Gallery.
Formerly known as the Microsoft Biology Foundation, .Net Bio is a
language-neutral, reusable .NET library and API that supports the
development of applications for bioinformatics research. It is the
fourth project contributed to the gallery. The open-source project
has the support of bioinformatics researchers from a number of
educational institutions, foundation officials said.

“The Research Accelerators Gallery hosts open-source projects
that support the development of tools and technologies used by
academic researchers and scientists. Working within the gallery,
.Net Bio contributors will be able to increase the project’s focus
on improving community-development practices to broaden the
capabilities and usefulness of .Net Bio to the life sciences
community, the foundation said.”

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