Microsoft Files Complaint on OOXML Vote to Apex Office and Ministry of Consumer Affairs

“At the meeting held on 20th March 2008, we were informed that
Microsoft has complained to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and to
the apex office of the country about the constitution of the
committee and also cast aspersions on the impartiality of the
chairperson of LITD15, Mrs. Neeta Verma. The chairperson was
furious and offered to step down from her post. She pointed out
that the committee has met numerous times and Microsoft never
brought this issue up in front of the committee nor did they check
the facts with her or her organization before complaining to the
apex office. I do not have a copy of their complaint but am
assuming that their complaint is that the committee is packed with
supporters of ODF.

“Mrs. Verma was persuaded to stay back only after all the other
members requested her to stay. After that, Dr. Arora of CSI
displayed great statesmanship by asking the Microsoft
representative if Microsoft would like to withdraw its

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