Microsoft Memo to Partners in Sweden Surfaces: Vote Yes for OOXML

“IDG in Sweden is reporting the contents of a leaked Microsoft
memo sent to Microsoft partners there, telling them to join the
Swedish Institute of Standards and vote yes on OOXML. As you know,
20+ newly registered Microsoft partner companies did so, thus
switching the expected No vote to Yes at the last minute. It says
Microsoft’s representative Klas Hammar acknowledges the memo was
sent, but says it should not have been.

“It costs money to join SIS, registration of around $150 and an
additional $1,150 or so to get to vote, so Microsoft is reported to
have told partners in the memo that companies that paid the fee and
voted appropriately would receive ‘marketing support’
(‘marknadsbidrag‘) and ‘additional support in the form of
Microsoft resources’ (‘extra stöd i form av