Mitsubishi Supercomputer has changed their story

Earlier we reported that
Mitsubishi would buy a Linux-bases supercomputer. The story has
changed significantly since then.

They are now reporting that Digital Unix is used as the base
operating system, and have removed all references to Linux on the

We contacted them for clarification on this issue, and here is
the response we received:

Dec. 14, 1998

Dear Reader,

Re: Correction from Linux to Digital Unix

Thank you for your interest in Nikkei Net Interactive.

On Friday (Dec. 11), we sent a corrected article and a
correction on our wire services at 16:19 JST in accordance with
journalistic practice.

The corrected story as you see on the Internet was uploaded to
the Nikkei server, but was not uploaded to the WWW. We failed to
confirm this. On Saturday (Dec. 12), we succeeded in uploading the
correction to the WWW.

The mistake was made mainly because of our inexperience with a
new operating system introduced Dec. 7.

We apologize for the confusion.

Best regards.

Nikkei Net Interactive