MojaveLinux: Inspired by Linux

“If it isn’t right to judge a book by its cover, then perhaps it
isn’t right to judge a Linux distro by its name. Ever since I first
heard of LindowsOS, I was extremely skeptical about the direction
of this distribution. I even snubbed the idea of trying it out,
thinking that it would be too dumbed-down and tainted to even
consider it Linux. I stand before you a man of significantly
changed opinion. After spending a week with Linspire 4.5 on my new
Northgate Athlon from Staples, I now strongly believe that Linspire
4.5 is likely the best Linux distribution on the market. Of course,
every Linux distribution focuses on a particular audience, and by
no means is Linspire right for every Linux user, but it fills many
voids that I have expressed in my four years of using Linux…”

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