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Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Latest Worm Has Professional

“What worries computer experts the most is the fact that MyDoom
is an example of a new breed of professionally created worms that
are more difficult to detect and move faster. These better-built
worms also are used by criminals to turn a profit.

“Experts say the creation of MyDoom was almost certainly funded
by e-mail spammers. The worm takes possession of a computer–either
at a home or one used in business–and turns the machine into a
remotely controlled robot programmed to send spam e-mail


Rubber Turnip: MyDoom – I’m Very Sorry

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“I’m the guy who posted the anonymous comment on Slashdot that
is rapidly becoming famous, in response to the news that MyDoom
will attack SCO’s website, I commented ‘Quick, disable your AV
software, and get some Windows boxes on the internet!’ The message
quickly got modded up to +5 (Funny) and then back down to zero
through a combination of Troll and Flamebait mods.

“This comment has subsequently been quoted in a story on eWeek,
where it has been utterly taken out of context…”


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