More OOXML BRM Messiness: A Delegate from Brazil Challenges “Law of Silence”

“More issues now have surfaced regarding some tactics being used
to get OOXML approved as a standard. This time it’s from a delegate
from Brazil, who is challenging the ‘Law of Silence,’ the
expression he coined in an earlier blog post for the restrictions
on revealing details of the BRM meeting. He alleges that he
believes Microsoft has itself violated it. It relates to
Microsoft’s claim that 98% of issues were resolved at the meeting,
which he says is inaccurate, but his question relates to why
Microsoft can talk about the BRM and no one else can. He thought
that number was handled at the BRM, when a slide with that figure
on it was shown, challenged, and he thought handled; yet he hears
from a colleague in Chile that the same slide just showed up there,
with the same figure, and with Dr. Sam Gyun Oh’s name on the slide,
the Chairman of SC 34, in a ‘presentation made by Microsoft to
demonstrate how everything was resolved in OpenXML…'”