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PolishLinux: Poland Against OOXML?

[ Thanks to Borys
for this link. ]

“Polish Technical Committee no 171 has just voted 80% against
the adoption OOXML as an ISO standard. It’s not the end of the game
though, since committee 171 which was first planned to make the
decision does not make the final decision anymore. Another
committee 182–will be voting on the same issue soon!

“According to Sławomir Wroński from Technical
Committee 182 (KT 182) the reason for changing the role of KT 171
from leading to ‘supporting’ committee was made on a meritorical
basis. The final decision will be made after the voting takes place
in KT 182 which now takes the leading role in the standarization of
OOXML in Poland…”


ZDNet Australia: Australian Apathy Results in OOXML ‘Abstain’

“Standards Australia has returned an “abstain” vote on the
proposal to adopt the Office Open XML format standard as an
international standard.

“The standards body, which represents Australia at the
International Organization for Standardization (ISO), said the
decision was due to a clear lack of consensus and commitment
throughout the development process…”


ZDNet UK: New Zealand OOXML Rejection ‘Not Final’

“New Zealand has rejected Microsoft’s proposal to fast track its
Office Open XML document format as an ISO standard, but it may
change its vote if certain concerns are addressed.

“Grant Thomas, chief operating officer for Standards New
Zealand, said that a large number of key New Zealand stakeholders
opposed publication of the document as an ISO standard in its
current format…”


ZDNet UK: OOXML Approval System Open to Abuse

“It is hard to consider the current high drama of Office Open
XML and the International Organization for Standardization as
anything other than a global soap opera. From Ghana, reports of
‘anti-Microsoft fundamentalism’ being used as an argument against
technical objections. From India, complaints that ‘we didn’t oppose
ODF, so why are you opposing OOXML?’. And from Sweden, more than 20
new companies, overwhelmingly Microsoft partners, joining the
committee voting on ISO certification within days of the final