Most Highly Recommended Books About Linux

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“Ever since we started this blog, we’ve talked about Linux at
great length. We’ve provided tips, tutorials, hacks and even some
spicy gossip from the magical Penguinland. While that may suffice
your geek cravings, the information falls quite short if you’re
trying to learn about Linux in greater detail. For learning Linux,
you’ll need a deeper knowledge and understanding about the system
and its functions. And what better way to learn Linux than by
filling your shelf with some great books on the topic?

“In this article, we’ll be listing some of the best books about
the operating system. Not only are they helpful for Linux geeks and
hackers, they’re also a great starting point for anyone who’s
always wanted to learn Linux. So, if you’re a desktop neophyte or a
coding ninja, here are some of the most highly recommended books
about Linux:”

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