MozillaQuest: Building Your Own Web Browser – Part II, Branding Your Lizard

“In this second edition of MozillaQuest the Series, you learn
how to peel back the Lizard’s skin. Then you start hacking the
Mozilla GUI (graphical user interface) to learn how to build your
own customized, Mozilla-based, browser suite. Or if you like,
simply create your own personal Mozilla or Netscape browser skin or

“Today you will add to the basic feel you got in Part I for
things you can do with Mozilla customizing and skinning. No
heavy-duty skin surgery today — just a few dabs of superficial
cosmetic touch-up. But even so, just working at this very
superficial level you will learn how to brand your own customized
browser or browser skin by putting your name and logo on what then
becomes “your” Web browser.”

“In part, branding puts your company, organization, or personal
logo on the browser navigation bar and your personal, company, or
organization name on the title bar. It’s free advertising. But it
also is somewhat like an old-fashioned guild mark or hallmark that
says you made (or at least modified) the item and you are proud of
your work.”

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