Mulawa Dreaming Easy Comes to Linux

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“Mulawa is a simple program but within that simplicity lies its
beauty. It is primarily designed to help the physically or mentally
challenged child understand how a mouse works, but should do nicely
for the very young as well. There isn’t a lot of distracting noise,
either visual or in the audio. It rewards by sound and signals an
incorrect choice with another sound. Peter is no stranger in
working with children and children’s software. He has developed
over 30 activities for the OLPC program and continues to refine his
other work.

“The program comes within a simple tar file with the data file
and an executable. Ideally, this would be deb-packaged as well as
packaged for the other installation formats as well. You can find
Mulawa to download it here.”

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