Must-Know WordPress SEO Tricks

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“Many new WordPress users are under the impression that
WordPress already takes care of search engine optimization (SEO)
upon installation. However, the out-of-the-box WordPress
installation that most people rely on doesn?t offer the best SEO
results possible. If you want your WordPress sites to rank as
highly as possible on search engine results pages, adopt the
following techniques to enhance your sites? placement in results
from Google and other search engines.

“Before you start, however, realize that even the most
well-written article is meaningless if no one finds its content
valuable. If you?re not passionate about the content you?re
producing, it will be evident to your readers, and, over time, to
search engines as well. The best way to address this challenge is
to write well about what you?re passionate about. I?ll trust you to
handle that, and turn my focus to technical considerations that can
boost your search engine rankings.”

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