My Review of gOS Space

“You will all no doubt be aware that a few months back I
reviewed the original gOS, and I was enthusiastic about it. In my
opinion, the original gOS was a great Linux distribution for the
average computer user–someone who used it to write up a few
documents, send a few emails, and surf the Internet a bit. With its
emphasis on web apps, it was not only an ideal operating system for
casual users, but was an indication of where desktop computing
appears to be headed, with the real work being done ‘in the cloud,’
with the desktop just the front end for that.

“Subsequently, gOS Rocket was released, but I never got round to
reviewing this, mainly due to hardware issues (I couldn’t get it
working with my wireless connection). I tried it, and there was
very little improvement over the original–a slight difference to
the iBar, and a few extra applications…”

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