My Thoughts on Bodhi Linux

[ Thanks to AV for this
link. ]

“Bodhi Linux is a relatively new Linux distribution
that is based on Ubuntu but uses the Enlightenment desktop
environment/window manager. I’ve recently
mentioned Bodhi here, but since then I’ve
installed the second release candidate (0.1.6) of Bodhi Linux on my
upstairs computer, and after using it for about five or six days I
can definitively say that I love it!

“Bodhi Linux began in the mind of Jeff Hoogland who writes a
blog called Thoughts on Technology that I’ve
enjoyed reading for a while. Jeff wanted to create a Linux distro
using Enlightment instead of the most popular window managers like
Gnome, KDE or Xfce. He wanted to built it from the stable Ubuntu
base, but be very light on system resources and minimalistic,
allowing the user to add their preferred utilities and applications
and make it into whatever they want. And despite the incredible
degree of desktop customization and the beautiful visual effects
available without the need for proprietary drivers, Enlightenment
is extremely fast and light. It makes a great choice for older
computers with slower hardware, and runs like lightning on newer

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