My Ubuntu 10.10 upgrade double-whammy

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“Having already previewed the Ubuntu 10.10 beta with
good results on more than one system, I felt safe upgrading my
primary desktop system from v10.04 to v10.10 once the new version
went gold. To my astonishment, neither my keyboard, mouse, nor
display were functioning following the upgrade.

“Obviously, I’d become too accustomed to Ubuntu updates and
upgrades going without a hitch. Since the transition from 10.04 to
10.10 wasn’t positioned as a major one, I opted for performing an
upgrade rather than complete, fresh install.

“Upgrading Ubuntu to 10.10

“First, I performed a complete backup of the Black Tower using
the rsync script that I use for regular monthly backups. Then, I
followed the standard procedure for upgrading Ubuntu to a new