N. Cherry: Linux Home Automation

[ Thanks to Igor
for this link. ]

My Current setup is a handful of X10 devices, controllers,
a WM918 weather station and a HCS II (formerly from Circuit Cellar)
with PL-LINK and BUFIO board.
I have a bunch of parts for
building a few IO boards to add to the RS485 interface of the HCS
II board and I’ll probably spend some time this winter working on
at least one. My current system is running Linux 2.2.5-ac6,
486DX/100, 16 Meg of ram, 800 M disk, and 12 serial ports. Previous
systems have had a 486/33 (w/no cache memory) and a 386sx/16 (my
pride and joy :-). I use Dan Lanciani’s X10d (with my mod’s so it
will compile correctly under Linux) and Karl Denninger’s HomeDaemon
software for event control and status. I also have a few other
programs, some which run as shell scripts to be used with cron and

“So far I’ve spent most of my time finding ready made software
and modifying it when needed. I’ve also found tools which I use
with the afore mentioned software to permit me to write shell
scripts under Linux. I find that I can quickly write software with
shell scripts and get a job done quick and dirty. Add a couple of
computers/controllers, daemon software and …. I go into further
details of how things work and my design ideas at this link (it’s a
bit messy and cluttered right now) x10d.html…”


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