Netscape Open Directory Project uses Linux

Rich Skrenta

Just to add a “me too” to the ranks of Linux supporters out
there — The Netscape Open Directory Project (formerly “NewHoo”,
prior to being acquired by Netscape) runs on Red Hat Linux.

Our servers are not the average Fry’s clone — we use 2 CPU
P450’s custom built from Telenet Systems in San Jose. These systems
have six fans, two hot-swappable power supplies, and come in a
rackmount enclosure weighing 80 pounds. Currently we have two of
these systems, one for editing and to serve the directory on
and the other to handle search cgi’s.

The Open Directory Project is using an Open Content development
model to build the world’s biggest web directory. The resulting
directory database is being used on Netscape.com, and is freely
available to others on the web. See http://directory.mozilla.org/about.html
for a link to the download page.