Netscape under attack by NCR

[ Thanks to Thomas
for this report. ]

Apparently, NCR Corporation is planning to attack Netscape with
a copyright lawsuit. NCR makes teller machines and credit card
scanners instead of browsers. Yet, they actually claim that
Netscape uses technology stolen from NCR’s. (Really.. no kidding)
This goes beyond the realm of the ridiculous. They claim that
Netscape’s software has caused NCR to loose millions of

There is something really funny happening here. This has to be
wrong. I have absolutely no evidence whatsoever but, all my gut
instincts tell me that somehow Microsoft has to be involved.

The Linux community should do (and must do) whatever is possible
to protect Netscape. We should protect freedom by fighting
frivolous copyright lawsuits (“intellectual property”) in the field
of technology. The results of this lawsuit could be much more
damaging to the Linux community than the Unisys/GIF situation.

Even if NCR has a legitimate case; I still don’t understand how
any company could stoop low enough to attack Netscape. Netscape has
done soooo much for the Internet. How far can greed go in the
United States? (I am American myself, and I am ashamed)

Bloomberg coverage