New Book: Complete Idiot’s Guide to Linux

Newly published December 22 by Que, this book, with its focus on
KDE may be a harbinger of a new direction in Linux books for

The author, Manuel Alberto Ricart, says:

This book is an excellent introduction to Linux from
various angles. It quickly gets you up to speed using a graphical
user interface (KDE – the ‘K Desktop Environment), and then shows
you how to work under UNIX using a command shell. It also covers
the ever necessary system administration topics that you need to
know to keep your system running happy.

And of course, it includes a CD with all the software you need
to get started along with a complete step-by-step installation
section, as well as information on how to configure and connect
your Linux running PC to the Internet. Included in the CD is
Caldera’s OpenLinux 1.3 and StarOffice 4.0. Even if you already
know how to use Linux, this book is a great bargain just for the
software included in the CD, and who knows, you may even learn a
thing or two about Linux while you are at it.

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me to provide you with Linux technical support.

Try the book, I am sure you’ll like it. Sincerely,


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