New Features in digiKam 2.0:�Geolocation

[ Thanks to Dmitri
for this link. ]

“To geotag photos, you need to obtain the geographical
coordinates of the place where the photos were taken, and the
Geolocation interface offers several ways to do that. For starters,
you can use the mouse to move around the map to locate the desired
spot. By default, the Geolocation interface uses the OpenStreetMap
service as its map source, but you can switch to Google Maps using
the Maps Settings button below the map pane. If you know the full
or partial address of the location, you can use the built-in search
feature to find it on the map. Click on the Search tab, enter the
address in the search field, hit the Search button, and you should
see a list of matching results with corresponding pins on the

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