New mailing list: linux-in-libraries

From: dragon@nfinity.com (Once Upon A MidNight Dreary….)

linux-in-libraries (lil) is an electronic mailing list concerned
with utilizing the Linux operating system in academic, public, and
special libraries. This is a new list, only recently organized, so
the range of topics and usual volume of discussion have yet to be
determined. We expect discussions to include, but not be limited

  • installation and configuration of Linux servers
  • security and network administration
  • the use of Samba, sendmail, the Apache web server, and other
    important Linux utilities
  • integrating Linux servers into diverse network configurations
    (NT, Novell, etc.)
  • exchanges of experiences and solutions
  • a forum for addressing technical issues, particularly those
    distinct to library environments
  • a place to ask questions, make contacts and discover

lil is currently available in standard (message by message)
format. A digest format will be added as traffic and demand
warrant. We expect to maintain a list archive accessible via the

To subscribe:

Send an e-mail message to majordomo@apocalypse.unomaha.edu that
contains the single line:

subscribe linux-in-libraries

in the body of the message.

If for some reason you wish to have the mailings go to a
different address (a friend’s address, a specific other system on
which you have an account, or an address which is more correct than
the one that automatically appears in the “From:” header on the
mail you send), you would add that address to the command. For
instance, if you’re sending a request from your work account, but
wish to receive linux-in-libraries mail at your personal account
(for which we will use “jqpublic@my-isp.com” as an example), you’d
put the line:

subscribe linux-in-libraries jqpublic@my-isp.com

in the mail message body.

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