New Project Indiana Details Emerge

“Following this morning’s mobility speak by Intel, Ian Murdock
took the stage in one of the small rooms at the Moscone Center West
to talk about the OpenSolaris Binary Distribution that is currently
known as Project Indiana. We captured all of the slides Ian had
shown, and while most of the information he shared was just
reiterated from his past talks, there was some interesting details
worth sharing. Among the advantages of Project Indiana is that it
will use Sun’s ZFS as the default file-system, and Project Indiana
will be taking full advantage of its abilities to create snapshots
and perform rollbacks if something with the system’s software goes
wrong. With Sun’s past work with the GNOME project, GNOME will be
the desktop environment in Project Indiana said Ian Murdock. He had
gone on to reiterate several other basic points such as the single
CD installation with network-based package management (likely
powered by apt). Project Indiana will also be easier to acquire, as
it will be available through mirrors that do not need registration
and will be distributed via Bit Torrent. Another goal of Ian’s is
also to modernize the command line…”

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