News.com: Details emerge on Linux plans

Thanks to Marc Gallagher for
this link.

“Linux is taking another step toward corporate credibility as
big-name computer companies like Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, IBM, and
Silicon Graphics scramble to respond to swelling customer demand
and add support for Linux.”

“Among information that emerged today: Hewlett-Packard said that
a model of its NetServer line, traditionally Windows NT machines,
will come with a version of Linux and announced a support deal with
Linux distributor Red Hat that will make it easier for corporate
customers to adopt Linux on Intel-based servers. Compaq Computer
has qualified Linux on the new DS20 Alpha-based servers coming next
week and plans to qualify Intel-based systems in the future.

“IBM is in discussions with Red Hat and said it’s “aggressively”
evaluating Linux servers. And details emerged about Silicon
Graphics’ efforts to get Linux to work on its workstations.”