NewsForge: A Little Good News About Electronic Voting

” The two years leading up to today’s U.S. presidential election
have not been good for electronic voting, which is estimated to
tally, or at least attempt to tally, about 30 percent of all U.S.
votes, or an estimated 50 million ballots. The failures of voting
machines and the software they run has been rivaled only by
inadequate federal and state election certification procedures that
allowed questionable technology to be carrying, or possibly
corrupting, American votes. However, after all of the frozen voting
terminals, lost software loads, mysteriously found machines, and
vendors’ efforts to keep it all hushed, there is some good news on

“No, it’s not that it will all be over after today. Actually,
it’s the exact opposite: in the eyes of e-voting experts, it all
begins after November 2, or whenever the election is decided, as
the process of evaluating electronic voting is conducted more
vigorously and thoroughly this time…”