NewsForge: Creating a Software Demo with Impress

“If you’ve ever tried to explain how a particular feature or
application works without actually showing it, you know how
difficult that can be. A good software demo can really save the day
for anyone from developers wanting to demonstrate their software to
home users trying to explain to their family members how to create
a simple document. If you want to create a software demo, you don’t
have to buy an expensive closed source application such as Demo
Builder, Viewlet Builder, or Turbo Demo. Instead, you can use free
software tools that may already be installed on your machine,
namely the GIMP and Impress. Here is how to create a software demo
that includes some essential elements: cursor movements, button
clicks, animated menus, and callouts.

“Before you can start building the software demo in Impress, you
have to do some preparatory work…”