NewsForge: First Look: SUSE Linux Professional 9.2 Beta

“Novell recently opened a limited beta of SUSE Linux
Professional 9.2, and I’ve been using it for my work/production
machine ever since I got my hands on the five-CD download. No,
using a beta release of an operating system as your production
system is generally not a good idea. Yes, there are bugs, as
expected in beta software. There are also improvements and
refinements, as is also to be expected. But overall, well, read on
and see.

“I’ve now installed SUSE 9.2 two and a half times on two
different machines. The half install aborted midway through the
process because of bad media. The other two installs were
successful: one an upgrade from SUSE 9.1 on my IBM Thinkpad laptop
and the other a similar upgrade on my production desktop