NewsForge: Solaris on Intel out? Does that mean Linux is in?

[ Thanks to Grant for this link.

“Ransom Love, CEO of Caldera, thinks that Sun’s move
away from keeping Solaris on Intel up to date does represent an
opportunity, but not for Linux, but instead for Caldera’s Open
Unix, its cross between UnixWare and Linux. He noted, “Caldera has
a strong relationship with Sun. Sun is a partner and investor in
Caldera, and we are very interested in continuing our work with
them.” But he also thinks that “Sun’s decision demonstrates the
consolidation happening on Intel, and essentially makes Caldera the
only alternative for Unix on Intel.”

But Mark deVisser, Red Hat’s vice president of marketing thinks
that Sun’s move out of the Intel platform does represent an
opportunity for Linux. “We have long stated that our greatest
market share gains have come from the Unix camp, so it is no
surprise that the real opportunity for Red Hat is in the
Unix-to-Linux migration. Amazon is one such customer who migrated
from Unix to Linux at considerable cost savings, and we’re seeing
much more momentum in this direction.”

The marketplace will decide whose vision of the future turns out
to be the clearest, but one thing is for certain: Open Source wins.
Whether it’s BSD, pure Linux or Linux -elated operating systems
like Open Unix, or Pentium III and IVs or the Itanium, the only
significant Unixes running on Intel platforms in the future will be
Open Source.”


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