Nokia N900: First Look

“If you’ve read any of my previous articles in Linux Journal,
you’ll know that I’m a vim-using, mutt-loving sysadmin who spends a
lot of time on the command line, so hopefully I can provide a
unique perspective on this device.

“The N900 isn’t Nokia’s first pocketable Linux computer. The
N770, N800, and N810 are all previous models of their “Internet
Tablet” all running Nokia’s Debian-based Maemo Linux distribution.
The N900 is the latest device in the series and what makes it
special apart from updated hardware is the fact that it adds
cellular connectivity. This means that not only do you have a Linux
device in your pocket with an always-on Internet connection (if you
have a data plan), you no longer have to carry a separate
cellphone. Plus, like the N810 before it, it provides a hardware
keyboard, which I think is crucial for an interactive shell.”


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