Novell Petition for ReHearing Denied- Darl tries threats to get a job

“Man, oh, man. I know how I’d feel if I got a letter like that.
No. I wouldn’t hire him after that to clean the offices even. But
then I never did respond in a positive manner to threats. I don’t
know if the dates are true, for that matter. I don’t know if the
letter was really sent on Sunday or which day he was really fired.
For all we know, the letter was composed today. Who knows with
these folks? Judge Cahn knows. But I would take this as the first
strike in the litigation to follow. Remember the letters to Novell?
It’s the same M.O. And it would not amaze me to see the dates of
the alleged termination and when he was told about it turning up in
court. So we’ll find out someday. Hopefully not in another six
years. I also take this letter, if it is accurate, as an indication
that someone with money wants to harass Linux users further.

“I don’t know if we can trust the rest of what she reports
either. For example, she says the SCO Group is currently being run
by Jeff Hunsaker, Ken Nielsen and Ryan Tibbits, but in reality the
Chapter 11 trustee runs the company now. He replaces them all,
though they can work under his oversight. So, with that caveat, she
also claims that both Hunsaker and Nielsen are leaving the company,
Hunsaker by the end of the month. We’ll see.”


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